Monday, February 27, 2012

"What was Momma Bear's Phone Number Again?" is designed for groups that stay together and interact on a regular basis. One great tool offered by is the Group Rolodex. Have you had a chance to check it out? Just click the link on the right side of the screen labeled Group Rolodex. It lists all the families of all the groups that you belong to in a mostly alphabetical fashion. Every once in a while I have one family that is alphabetically in the wrong place, and we have a bear of a time getting them home.

Rolodex for Bear family

Families will be shown with their primary phone number, home address, anniversaries, and then the individual members within that family, their birthdays, email addresses and phone numbers. Other family members (such as children or spouses that are not signed up as email receiving members of a group) are then listed with their birthdays. The groups that you have in common with each family are also shown, which can be helpful when you belong to more than one group.

There is a semi-private option that allows you to leave out a select few bits of information from being displayed in the Group Rolodex. If you check the "Hide Contact Info in Rolodex" option on the Family Info tab of "Edit My Information", your address and primary phone number as entered on the Family Info tab will not be displayed in the Group Rolodex. What will be displayed is your family name, member names, email addresses, groups in common, and any other optional information that you have entered, such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays, individual phone numbers for each member, and other family members and their birthdays. To keep these optional bits from being displayed, simply do not enter them. Please do keep in mind, however, that sharing this information can be beneficial to the bonding process within your group. Who doesn't like receiving birthday wishes, or at least being able to send them to others? Personal phone numbers can be very helpful for communicating with each other outside of official group meeting times.

Edit My Information Option to hide your contact info from the Rolodex
If you do choose to make your primary phone number and address private, please know that the leaders of your group will still have access to that information. Also, if you sign up for an item that has been tagged as a "show address" item, such as a hosting location, your address will appear on the signup sheet for that particular event for all members of your group to see.  How else are they going to know where to go for those yummy snacks?

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