Managing the logistics of a small group can be very challenging. From the chaos of email based responses, to keeping everyone informed of upcoming events, people can be easily missed, and event participation low. helps you manage all aspects of your small group logistics.

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For many groups, notices for events are sent via email to every member of the group. This email asks for attendance numbers, signup requests (food, hosting, etc), and in some cases, any children needing childcare.

Group members respond sporadically, in cases signing up for duplicate items, requiring yet more emails to untangle and make clear the current picture of the event. was created specifically to address this challenge.

When using to manage your group, the event email notice provides a link to a web site where all details of the event are managed, from participation, to signups, to childcare counts.

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Your small group meets consistently over the year, whether it's a single season of a sports league, or twice monthly meetings. You job as a small group leader is to keep your group members informed and prepared for your events. Online calendars only go so far, and online invitation applications require you to re-enter your member's email addresses for every event. is designed for groups which meeting consistently during the year. All of your group's information is stored in one place, easily accessible and updated by group leaders. Group members have an easy to access member site, which does not require a username/password to access.

Events are simple to create and manage. Generating an email notice for your event sends and email with special customized links to each group member to their signup sheet.

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Most small groups have a consistent sign up sheet. However, that signup sheet is nearly always different between groups. In addition, most groups have parties or other one off events requiring a customized sign up sheet. allows you to create custom signup sheet templates for your group to represent as many different kinds of events as you need. Tour event select signup sheet template

Signup Sheet Templates can be simple checkbox signup, or a checkbox with address (and Google Map links), or a Quantity signup, where you can set an amount you want contributed (like $25), and allow your group members to contribute as much as they'd like. Tour donation2