Monday, February 20, 2012

New release!

Hello all of you faithful!

We are releasing a new version of tonight.

Here's what's new or improved:

  • is now Social!
    Look! Social Media Icons!

    By reading this, you already know we are social! However, we are excited about how this new online community will respond, so we can't emphasize this enough! If you like, please do friend us on Facebook and Google +1 us! In addition, if you have a blog, please link to us! We love working on, and want more small groups to be able to spend more time doing small group stuff instead of managing messy group logistics.
  • Sensitive Groups
    Some groups are of a sensitive nature, such as recovery or support groups. by default shows all the groups to which a family belong on the leader and member sites. Group Leaders can now set a flag on their groups to hide their group from those lists.This can be done from the "Change the Group Details" link on the main Leader Site.
    Better handling for sensitive groups in

  • Managing Group Roster is separate from Managing Group Details
    A frequent question has been "How do I remove a family from my group?". This should be easier to find in the Group Leader site via the "Manage Group members and titles" link.
    Separate roster management from group details
  • Events can no longer be created in the past
    Every once in a while we'd receive a report of a lost event. This is usually caused by the event being created in the past. This is no longer possible. 
 Please let us know if you have questions or any suggestions for improvement!

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