Sunday, February 19, 2012

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the new Blog! We are excited to use this blog as another means to communicate with the community!

We created in early 2009 to solve a consistent challenge we had with our small church group: meeting logistics. Via email, who was going to sign up for what when others had already signed up and missed emails and unclear childcare counts and oh my. There had to be an easier way, and this is our solution. is now used by a major church in the Dallas area to manage their LifeGroup ministry. It's been used by softball teams, classrooms to manage their social activities, and even to manage a yearly block party.

What sets apart from other party or signup sheet web apps is that is designed for groups which stay together over time. It helps managing the logistics of small groups, not one off parties or events.

This blog will be used to communicate new features, tips and tricks, and to solicit feedback from the community. We look forward to interacting and hearing from you!

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