Thursday, February 23, 2012

Delivery with a Smile

Often in the life of a small group, the opportunity to care for each other will arise. It might be that Wilbur is recovering from knee surgery, or maybe Ms. Cavatica had a baby, and their families would greatly benefit from some fresh meals delivered to their door. Perhaps Mr. Templeton has been admitted to the hospital for an extended stay and would love some company. (Yes, my daughter is still reading Charlotte's Web.) This is the perfect opportunity for the members of your small group to work together and share the love.
Create a Signup Sheet Template

The best way to manage this type of signup is to create one event that includes a separate item for each date that dinner needs to be delivered. Your group members can then go in and select which day, or days, they will bring a yummy meal to help ease the strain of recovery.  Everything is easy to see in one place.

The first step is to create a Signup Sheet Template. The one pictured here includes 7 days of hot meals and 7 frozen meals the recipient can save for later. The beauty of is that you can customize this step to work for your specific needs. The templates are completely reusable so you are not recreating the wheel each time. It's also very easy to edit the templates, so if the next time you need meal delivery to begin on Wednesday, just go in and drag the days to the order you would like them to show up.
Create an Event with the Signup Sheet Template

The second step is to create your event with your new template. When setting the date, be sure to make it for the last day of the scheduled delivery, or maybe a day later, so the event will be visible for the entire span. I like to set the event time as the general time for delivery each day. Include any details regarding any allergies and how many people are being fed in the description. Use the delivery address as the location, and you are good to go. Send out your Event Email Notices and watch the love and support flow in.
Member Signup Sheet ready for use!

What do you think? Do you have a unique way that you use the Signup Sheet Templates?  As always, I welcome any questions or comments.

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