Saturday, April 28, 2012

Group Search Site

The core of the brand new Group Search functionality for is the aptly named Group Search Site.

Once an Organization decides to set their Organization as Searchable, they automatically get this new Group Search Site, and it's URL is displayed on the main Organization Leader Site. This allows Organizations to add a link from their web site to the Group Search site. Group Search Site
The Group Search site will display all groups within an Organization in both a map and list view. The map begins centered on their location based on the best guess to their location based on their internet address. Potential Group members can then enter a specific zip code, and specify a smaller or bigger search radius.

Each group then displays the Group name, description, and some information derived from data already stored within like age ranges and next scheduled event. You can see those details on the Blue group, which is the 3rd group from the bottom of the list in the screenshot. (This is test data to protect the anonymity of current users and groups). This initial information provides a first pass at filtering groups.

The logo in the upper left corner of the page can be uploaded by an Organization Leader to personalize this page.

Group Details
Clicking on one of the groups brings up more detailed information about the group. Each Organization may define a set of meta data which they would like each group to fill out. For instance, on this example, the current series, gender, and marriage status for the group was requested by the Organization, and answered by a Group leader. This once again allows potential group member to filter the groups in which they are interested.

Once a potential group member finds a group in which they are interested, they may submit an inquiry. This inquiry is emailed to both Group Leaders and to Organization Leaders, and will be listed on specific pages on the Group and Organization Leader Sites to allow Group and Organization Leaders to follow up as appropriate. A 'Inquiry Sent' marker will be shown on each group which a potential group member has submitted an inquiry, in addition to the confirmation email sent to the potential group member.

The iNquiry Attention Govenor and inquiry process will be detailed in a subsequent blog post. Click here for more details on the overall Group Search release.

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