Saturday, April 28, 2012

Group Search release!

We've been a bit quiet here at while we've finished up our newest feature: Group Search!

Most users of only interact with the Member Signup Sheet site. However, there are simple but powerful leader tools for Group leaders to manage their groups. In addition, all groups in belong to an Organization, and Organizations also have leader tools to allow them to manage their hundreds of groups.

This new Group Search functionality is optional for all Organizations, and defaults to off. However, if you are an Organization which wishes to provide a self service ability to potential group members to search for good matching groups, this feature is for you!

Group Search contains several specific enhancements:
  • The Group Search Site
    The site which potential group members seek groups and submit inquiries to group leaders
  • The Inquiry Process
    A set of emails, rules, and descriptions which ensure that inquiries made from the Group Search site do not fall through the cracks
  • The Group and Organization Leader Inquiry management pages
    New pages on the leader sites allowing Group and Organization Leaders to manage their open inquiries
  • Group Custom Meta Data
    Allows custom information to be set by Organization Leaders and answered by Group Leaders. This allows for information specific to your kind of organization to be displayed on the Group Search Site
  • And the iNquiry Attention Governor
    We can't just call it the Nag system, can we?... A set of emails which are generated to Group and Organization Leaders intended to keep Inquiries from sitting without followup for too long.
We will post Blogs on each of these systems over the next week or so, the first of which, the Group Search Site, is already posted via the link above. We'll update this post with the links as we post subsequent blogs.

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