Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Now, why are we in two different families?

One of the interesting design decisions in is having families sign up for items in events instead of users (people). This requires all users to be a part of a family in But, a user can belong to only one family, which means it is possible that people who are in the same real family could have two different families. This could happen when one user is invited to one group, and another user is invited to another group. If happening at different times, this would create two different families.

In the past, this required a messy work around of inviting both families to a group, them removing then adding the removed user to another family.

We are pleased to announce a much simpler way to move users from one family to another! First, only the users in a family can move another user into their family. From Edit My Information, you can invite another user by email address to your family. If that user are themselves in another family, you will get a dialog box talking about why this can happen and give you a button to send the other user an email which will walk them through being moved to your family. It is strongly recommended that you talk to the other person before sending them an email to make this process as smooth as possible.
Enter the email of the User to be added to your family

Oh no! They are in another family... let's send them an email to move them to our family!

Once the user being asked to join your family receives the email, they would click on a link in the email which would bring up this page, showing how the new family would look.

Click on the link from the email, and confirm the details of the move
This does not move group membership from one family to another, it only moves a user from one family to another. Contact the group leaders to invite the new combined family to any group not in the combined merged family.

We hope this will make moving users much easier!

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