Monday, June 18, 2012

How to represent "Work Shifts" for Service Projects makes managing the resources, people and tools, you need to run service projects quite easy.

I was recently contacted by a leader who wanted to allow multiple families to signup for shifts for an upcoming service project (a setup shift, a serve shift, and a tear down shift). In addition, she wanted to allow those same families to sign up for multiple shifts. She asked how to best represent that in I replied: Quantity Signup Sheet Items. We discussed Quantity Signup Sheet Items briefly before, but let's show how to use Quantity Signup Sheet items for this example of work shifts.

Add a Quantity Signup Sheet item
When creating a new Signup Sheet Template, you are able to add Quantity Signup Sheet items to your template.You can add an Item Name (i.e. Setup Shift), a Quantity (i.e. How many people are needed per shift; families signup indicating how many people will participate), an Increment (i.e. What's the minimum a family can contribute... if this were financial or canned goods, you could state that the minimum a family could provide is 5. The web page allowing the families to specify how they will contribute will show options in increments of 5. For this example, the increment should be 1, as the minimum to contribute would be one family member.), and a prefix (i.e. if this is financial, a '$' would be the prefix; in this case, this is useless).

This would be the completed Signup Sheet Template for this service project:
Completed Signup Sheet Template for a "Work Shift" service project

Finally, This is what your group members will see on their member signup sheet:
Member Signup Sheet with "Work Shifts". The names have been blurred to protect the innocent.

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