Saturday, May 12, 2012

Group and Organization Leader Inquiry Management Pages

Organization Leader Inquiry Management Page
Group and Organization leaders are provided simple tools to manage their open inquiries. The primary intent behind the inquiry process is to not let anyone fall through the cracks. So, getting the right information, and making the right decisions on how to proceed with an inquiry is important. This is why the Organization leader should establish inquiry process expectations and communicate those expectations to their group leaders.

Group and Organization Leaders can manage their open inquiries through new links on the leader sites:
Group Leader Site Link to Manage Inquiries

Organization Leaders, as you can see in the first screen shot, can see all inquiries across all of their Groups. They can also see what progress Group leaders have made on contacting those who submitted inquiries, including date/time information and which group leader made the last update. Under the "Group (and contact)" column, Organization leaders can see to which group the inquiry was submitted, and the primary contact set on that group (blurred out in this case to protect the innocent).

Group Leaders see very similar information (minus the Group/contact column). Group Leaders have three options when handling an inquiry:
  • State that the potential group member was contacted. This is important to allow Organization leaders to know that the inquiry is being respected, as well as minimizing the number of NAG reminder emails the group leaders will receive regarding that specific inquiry.
  • Invite the potential group member to the group. This will take the information which the person who submitted the inquiry entered and generate the family and participant records automatically, then email the group invite to the inquirer. This closes this inquiry.
  • And finally, dismiss the inquiry. This indicates that the potential group member is not interested in joining the group. A reason for the dismissal will be required. This will allow Organization Leaders to later audit reasons for dismissal in case they are contacted (for whatever reason... we hope things like that don't happen, but they do). This closes this inquiry.
Organization Leaders have the same options as group leaders. This allow Organization leaders to participate in the inquiry process (in case of group leaders on vacation, or other reasons).

Organization Leaders may also see all closed inquires (inquiries which have been dismissed or led to an invite) to be able to audit any questions which arise from the inquiry process.

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