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Let's take a tour through how a group leader would use OnlineSignupSheet.com. (Click on any of the pictures to get a full size view.)

Your group will soon have a meeting to discuss your current study book. You, as a group leader, need to create this meeting and send out an email event notice to everyone in your group. We pick up this story when our heroes (you) begin to create your event....

Jose logs into OnlineSignupSheet.com to his group's leader site. He sees that he can add or update families, create events, and create signup sheet templates which allow me to customize the items for which my small group members sign up.

Jose create a new event for their get together.

Tour leader site
Tour event details

Jose begins to enter the relevant information for his meeting, ensuring that the information is helpful to his small group members.

Jose enters the location for the after meeting dessert place. This will present an address and map to his small group members on their personal signup sheet.

Tour event locations
Tour event select signup sheet template

Jose selects their normal signup sheet template, which includes hosting, snacks, and some donations for a local homeless shelter. Jose can create as many signup sheet templates as he wants, and use any of them on any of his events.

With the event created, Jose creates an email notice to his small group members using the built in OnlineSignupSheet.com email notice tools.

Tour event created
Tour event email top

Jose enters some greeting information, and asks his members to signup quickly to participate in childcare to ensure they have enough babysitter coverage.

The sent email will contain both current signup status and childcare requested status, ensuring that Jose's small group members have clear information on the status of the event.

The email notice sent to Jose's small group members will include a link specific per family to allow that family to signup without needing a username or password.

Tour event email status
Tour email buttons

Jose sends a preview of the email to his email to ensure it contains what we want it to contain, then clicks the button in OnlineSignupSheet.com to send the email to his entire group.

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All text and design is copyright © 2009-2021 OnlineSignupSheet.com
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