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Why should the emails I receive for events not get forwarded to others?
Each email you receive from OnlineSignupSheet.com contains a link custom to you and the event for which the email was sent. If that email is sent to someone other than you, then that person could sign up for items in your name. So, if you need to contact a leader or others in your group, please create a new email message.
Do individuals or families signup for items on signup sheets?
Families sign up for items on signup sheets. Although your email address appears on the signup sheet, when you sign up for something on the signup sheet, you are signing up your family.
As a leader, how do I send an email to my group regarding my event?
When you are on the OnlineSignupSheet.com leader site looking at a specific event, there is a link on the left side of the screen that says "Generate Email Event Notice". That link will take you to a page that allows you to customize the email sent to your members, which includes the special link which allows members to get to the member signup sheet without logging into OnlineSignupSheet.com.
Do I have to have childcare for my events?
Events can have childcare provided, children participate, or no children allowed. Which child participation settings are used depends on your selected Signup Sheet Template for the event.
How do I send an email to my entire group that has nothing to do with an event?
When you created your group, you specified a membership email address. If you used an email address that ends in onlinesignupsheet.com, then you automatically have all of your group members in a group email list. Sending an email to that membership email will send an email to all the members of your group.
If families have not accepted my invite, will they receive any emails sent via the group email?
Any families which are pending, that is, have not accepted your invite to join your group, will not receive any emails sent for events or to the membership email address. This is for privacy concerns, we do not want to flood potential members with emails which thay have not consented to receive.
My Personal Information (Privacy)
Why does OnlineSignupSheet.com need my address?
Many small groups meet in group members homes. When creating events, group leaders can create specific signup sheet templates which provide online maps on the member signup sheet which make finding someone's house very simple. New members to groups usually have a very difficult time finding which address is correct for given events. As such, we ask for address information to make this form of participation as simple as possible.
Is my personal information safe with you?
We take security very seriously here at OnlineSignupSheet.com. The only information we require of a sensitive nature are your email address and your physical address. We will never sell this information to other companies, nor use the information in any other way but to improve the quality of the OnlineSignupSheet.com service.
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All text and design is copyright © 2009-2021 OnlineSignupSheet.com
All rights reserved. Contact Us!